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Mediaite - It is self-evident that these men did not fight for the United States of America, They fought against it.

14 minutes ago

Business Insider: Money Game - •The reality of the car business is at odds with widespread chatter about it disruption. •Ford CEO Mark Fields wasn't ousted because Ford is lagging Silicon Valley. •Storytelling has overwhelmed profitability in the auto industry. O...

4 minutes ago

TechCrunch: Enterprise - While we wait to get more news on Microsoft closing a reported acquisition of Cloudyn, another report has emerged of one more enterprise startup that the software giant is buying in Israel. Calacalist reported earlier today that Mic...

1 hour ago

Huffington Post: Politics Blog - To call Trump’s budget a budget is insulting to budgets. Real budgets are moral documents stating a society’s values and priorities. Real budgets invest resources to improve lives while getting the most bang for the buck. What the T...

8 minutes ago

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The Regator Semantic API uses proprietary real-time semantic technology to provide
context, categorization data, related content, up-to-the-minute trends and more.
Context and Categorization

The Regator Semantic API's algorithms analyze text to give results that go beyond what's written on the page, giving you extra context, helping you identify relationships between articles, and assisting with categorization.


The Regator API allows you to find and display links to quality-controlled blog posts that are closely related to any term or block of text. Complement your content, improve your SEO, and give readers a more valuable experience.


The Regator API gives you access to Regator's up-to-the-minute trends for more than 500 topics. They are spam-free and consistently provide more accurate, timely results than sources such as Twitter and Google.

The Regator API can...
Categorize text into over 500 topics
Extract contextual metadata
Supply real-time trends
Provide quality-controlled related content based on the latest news and events in real-time
It can help you with...
Ad Targeting
Social Media Analytics
Data Enrichment
Search Engine Optimization
Much more
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The Regator API provides a set of powerful semantic tools that can benefit your company
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