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CNN's This Just In - This blog – This Just In – will no longer be updated. Looking for the freshest news from CNN? Go to our ever-popular homepage on your desktop or your mobile device, and join the party at @cnnbrk, the world's most-followed ac...

2 years ago

Mediaite - Rachel Maddow brought out a bunch of props tonight to mock Republicans over the frantic scramble to select a new Speaker of the House after Kevin McCarthy dropped out.

13 minutes ago

Business Insider: Money Game - Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton on Thursday unveiled a detailed plan to more heavily regulate the financial industry. The former secretary of state proposed a number of left and center-left proposals to eliminat...

7 hours ago

TechCrunch: Enterprise - Rumors that Dell is going to buy Massachusetts-based storage giant EMC, first reported yesterday in the Wall Street Journal, have been flying fast and furiously. The deal could be valued as high as $27/share, or just shy of $52 bill...

8 hours ago

Huffington Post: Politics Blog - Why did Kevin McCarthy step away from the race for Speaker of the House of Representatives? originally appeared on Quora: The best answer to any question. Answer by Kevin McCarthy, Majority Leader and Congressman (R-CA), U.S. House ...

1 hour ago

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The Regator Semantic API uses proprietary real-time semantic technology to provide
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The Regator API allows you to find and display links to quality-controlled blog posts that are closely related to any term or block of text. Complement your content, improve your SEO, and give readers a more valuable experience.


The Regator API gives you access to Regator's up-to-the-minute trends for more than 500 topics. They are spam-free and consistently provide more accurate, timely results than sources such as Twitter and Google.

The Regator API can...
Categorize text into over 500 topics
Extract contextual metadata
Supply real-time trends
Provide quality-controlled related content based on the latest news and events in real-time
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Ad Targeting
Social Media Analytics
Data Enrichment
Search Engine Optimization
Much more
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